Be Patient & Kind To Yourself

Mental illness is not a personal failure. If you are someone who has a mental illness, be patient and kind to yourself this month. You are human and you are no different from anyone else. Make sure you take the time to do self-care and explore your feelings. It is so important to tune into your feelings on a consistent basis. You can also write about how you are feeling if you do not want to share it with anyone else. Please make sure you find different outlets that are helpful to you throughout this month. I know with social distancing that it can make things more challenging and you probably feel limited to what you can do. Take things day by day and at a pace that works for you. Remember that it is okay to not be okay. Feel free to reach out to others through this time for means of support if it helps. Do things this month that will make you feel good, make you laugh, or smile. You can even reach out to me for means of support as well! I hope this month is filled with many blessings, peace, love, and support. Remember to be patient and kind to yourself!

In honor of this month, if you are one who has a mental illness I would love to give you one of my self-care kits for FREE! Please reach out to me for one! You do not have to tell me your mental status, I just would love to be helpful to you in any way that I can. Do not hesitate!

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