Consistency is Key!

Consistency is key! Your success is determined by your consistency and how much you show up for yourself everyday. Sometimes you may not always see the results that you want but you still need to remain consistent. No matter how tired or frustrated you are stay consistent. The hardest part for some people when achieving a certain goal is remaining consistent. There has been plenty of times that I have started something and stopped because I did not see the results as quickly as I wanted to. I had to realize for myself that it is a process and takes time to achieve great things and see the results that I want. Most importantly, what helps me to stay consistent to my vision and goals now is setting dates because its so important to. Writing down your goals and setting dates will help you to know you have something to work towards and you can reflect on them everyday. Being consistent is not hard unless you believe it is. Consistency depends on you! Yes YOU. No one else is responsible for your consistency but you. Whatever you want to achieve stay consistent. Your goals make sure you stay consistent. The vision that you have for your life stay consistent. Make it an affirmation to say to yourself "I am going to stay consistent no matter what" and repeat it to yourself continuously. Consistency, consistency, consistency, and consistency depends on you! 





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