Do Not Allow Social Media Make You Feel Obligated

Hello Loves! I hope that you are taking the time that you need and practicing self-care. There has been much controversy in regards to how everyone should come out of this pandemic. Honestly, come out of it in a way that feels good to you. Do not allow a post to ever make you feel obligated to do something, do what feels most comforting to you. If you come out of this recharged, rested well,  tired, creative, or productive that is okay! Everyone moves at a different pace and we are all our own unique individual. Although we are all going through social distancing, we all are experiencing it in a different way. Do what makes you feel good not something that makes you feel obligated. Social media has a way of making people feel like they should operate or function a certain way and that is not the case. Move at your own pace not social media's!


So what have I been up to during social distancing? Look below!

I've been reading a lot of really great self-help books over the past couple of weeks. Check out the books that I have listed on my blog page on IG and Facebook @jdinspo_. Self-help books really help to put me in a different place. It changes my way of thinking and keeps me hungry for success. I have been able to apply many things that I read from self-help books to my daily life consistently. Make sure you purchase some self-help books for yourself! Next....(look below!)

I have not only been reading but also doing meditation. Meditation helps to bring higher vibrations into your life, keep you calm, and uplifted. I have been consistent in my meditation practice. I usually do it in the morning and sometimes I switch to doing it in the afternoon. I made a unique space in my living room because it feels good to me. Create some unique spaces in your home that will feel helpful to you! ( And Lastly....look below)

LOL. I did the #pillowchallenge. In case you do not know what that is, look at the hashtag on IG. People are using pillows and making them look fashionable so here is mines! I have just trying to find different ways to have fun and keep busy during social distancing. 



I hope you take the time to find some joy or excitement through this time. Remember to not be hard on yourself. Be patient and kind to yourself. Please by all means reach out to me if you need anything!



Your's truly,

Janay XOXO

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