Do Not Put A Period Where God Put A Comma!

Hey Queen!

 I hope that all is well and you are slaying your goals per usual! Please do not lose sight of your goals and vision as we are closing out this year! Stay consistent to your vision and remember your WHY as it will give you the strength to keep going. 

Have you ever felt challenged by something to the point where you felt like giving up? Yes, we all have been there before. Have you ever felt like your life was so complicated to the point where you just wanted to throw in the towel? Yes, we all have been there before. Life would not be rewarding if we did not go through certain experiences to shape us. 

Every experience that I have gone through in my life has shaped me to be a better person. I respond so differently now when situations happens in my life that helps to give me a better outlook. When things happen to you, learn to change your perspective. Instead of saying "Why is this happening to me?" say "What is this teaching me?".

DO NOT put a period on your life where God only put a comma. God is in control of your life so trust his timing more than you would trust your own. Just when you feel like throwing in the towel God will be right there to throw it back at you. Do not give up because he has something in store that is way better for you. Sometimes you have to go through certain experiences for the better. All experiences will not feel comfortable but know in the end that what you are going through is there to teach you something. God is not finished with you yet and you are still a work in progress. Whenever you do find life challenging make sure you pray. Prayer really changes things.


When I was at the lowest points of my life I turned right to God in prayer because I felt like that was my only option. Prayer is so powerful and God can truly make a way out of no way! You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it and stand the storms that are placed into your life. God is a way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper and a light in the darkness just in case you did not know. I am living proof that he has been there for me always and has helped me to get through some of the toughest moments of my life. 

Everything that I have gone through has helped to make me a better person. Not all of my experiences were enjoyable, but I was able to heal from them and become resilient. If I would have thrown in the towel and gave up then I would not have been trusting God. Allow God to move and work in your life. God's got you! Do not put a period where God only put a comma!


Thanks for reading my blog post! I hope that it was helpful to you! Please be sure to leave feedback if you can!


Take Care!


Janay XOXO

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