Give up? Give in? or Give it your all?

Each day requires you to make a decision. In life we all face challenges but it is truly up to us if we desire to give up, give in, or still give it our all, which are you choosing? If you give up you will start right back where you are. If you give in and do not stay consistent you will not be able to see the results, progress or success that you desire for. The most important one to choose everyday is giving it your all. When you give something your all it will show your consistency, dedication, and just how serious you are about wanting to achieve something. Most times people are eager to see the results without really wanting to put the work in. Putting the work in is so much more important than just seeing the results and other people supporting you. No one will want something just as bad as you do. No one will work hard for your dreams and goals as much as you will. No one will support your vision  just as much as you will. Make giving everything your all a priority because its something that you are doing for yourself. Tune out the negative thoughts, what could go wrong, fear, worry, and anxiety. Simply go after what you want even if you do not know where to start. I challenge you to be consistent, show up for yourself, work hard, and give it your all. The hardest part to success is staying committed and consistent. Its so easy to talk about something you want to do, its so easy to give up, its so easy to just quit when you feel like things are not going right. Challenge yourself to give everything your all no matter what.





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