Inspire And Build A Legacy For Others

I believe the tragedy of Kobe Bryant, his daughter GiGi and the other passengers hit all of us in some way even if you are not a sports fan. When hearing this new on Sunday I was devastated and sad to see something like this happening. Kobe made a great impact on a lot of peoples lives and his legacy will live on because of it. This tragedy helped me to realize a few things. Life is precious and fragile so do not take it for granted. Live your life to the fullest and do all of the things your heart desires. You get one life to do amazing things so make it count. If you have the ability to inspire and help others then do so at every chance you get. Leave a legacy for future generations that will live on after your time. Most importantly, hug and kiss your loved ones a little tighter. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us and that's why it is so important to make everyday of your life count. I seen a quote that said "Our biggest mistake that we make is thinking that we have time". In reality, we do not know how much time we have here only God knows the answer to that. Start NOW and do not waste anytime to do all of the things that your heart desires. If you hold off on something because you think you have time then take a guess again. We all have a lot to be grateful for so make sure you practice gratitude each and everyday! If you want to travel, start a business, quit your job to pursue anything that you are passionate about then go for it. You are the author of your life! Take care.



Janay XOXO

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