Just Go For It!

Wow! 2019 is almost over and there are just two months left. If you are still unsure about that risk you want to take, I say just go for it. You will never be truly ready to start something until you actually START. Even if you do not have all the resources or money that you need to take that risk it is okay. It's better to start and come out of your comfort zone. So many times we will think about all the things that could go wrong, who will be supportive, and afraid of failure but just know that it is all a part of the process. I know for me stepping out of my comfort zone meant be afraid, unsure, worried, and not having everything I needed but I can honestly say that it was the best decision that I made for myself. It was me making the decision for myself to know that I want more out of life but I would not see it if I remained in my comfort zone. Now that I have removed myself from my comfort zone so many amazing things have happened and new doors have opened for me.  It's time that you stop playing it safe and resulting back to your comfort zone when you get close to stepping out of your comfort zone. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone before the new year comes in. Sometimes you will be challenged to be uncomfortable and it is okay. So many new opportunities and doors open once you decide to take that risk you are afraid of. As the new year is approaching think about the things that you want to focus on and how you will invest into yourself. Become aligned with your purpose, passion, and talents by doing self reflection. Walk into the new year with a positive mindset. I really hope that you challenge yourself to take risk and tune into yourself more about what you want to achieve! Remember to take that risk!




Janay XOXO

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