Never Complain About Having Too Much On Your Plate

Never complain about having too much on your plate. It's all about how you manage your time really to balance out all the things that you have going on. More importanly, remember that when you pray for certain things and they all come at once be prepared to handle it and do not run away from it. Most times people will complain or become overwhelmed when it comes to the things that they have prayed about. When it comes to your dreams, goals, and vision stay CONSISTENT no matter how challenging or overwhelming it gets. When there are other things that get in the way of what you are trying to achieve and it seems impossible, just remember WHY you started in the first place. When you have your WHY for everything that you do that will help serve as a reminder that you MUST keep going. There are never any straight paths when it comes to success. Outside of having my own clothing line I am in grad school, doing internship, working full time, taking care of my younger sister full time, and have my own cleaning business but I find balance between all of these things because they are all the very things that I prayed for. Once you truly become consistent to what you want you will feel unstoppable and limitless. Live up to your fullest potential because you are your biggest investment at the end of the day. You are worthy, important, smart, loved and so much more. Remember when you feel like there is just too much on your plate remember your WHY behind it to keep you going. The hardest part to success and getting to where you want to be is consistency. Make yourself a priority. Do not run away from what seems like a lot or overwhelming, instead stay consistent and find a balance. 







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