New month, New Goals, & New Executions!

Happy October! We are in a new month which goals and executions! This means you have three months left until this year is over. Do not wait until next year to start because you have time NOW to work towards you're goals. People always feel like they have to wait until next year but that is not true. It was not until March that I started to really become consistent with all that I am doing now. Make this month count by getting serious about you're goals. Remember that goals are meaningless if you are not writing them out and setting dates. This helps to hold you accountable and know that you have something to work towards. Everything that you want to accomplish depends on you're level of consistency and patience. Do not give up so quickly when you do not see the results in the time frame that you want. Success is not something that happens over night. Be patient and kind to yourself through the process. Do not allow social media or others make you feel like you are not doing enough. Instead focus on what is most important and the things you need to get to where you want to be. Even if you do not know where to start, start somewhere. If you are not accomplishing something due to fear pray it off of you! Most people who are successful now have started off unsure and fearful and look at where they are today. Sometimes you have to risk it all for the vision that no one else can see but you. You have it clear in you're mind of what you want to do but now its time that you put the work in. Once you put the work in and stay consistent you are unstoppable. Most importantly surround yourself around people that are going to inspire and uplift you. Follow inspiring people on social media to give you the motivation that you need. Also in the journey to accomplishing you're goals and achieving success not everyone will be there to celebrate with you and support you so do not get discouraged! Keep working hard no matter what it takes. You got this!




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