Persistence Is Just Important As Consistency

Persistence is just as important as consistency. Persistence if seeing something through and challenging yourself to keep going even when obstacles come your way. Persistence is sometimes hard for people and when obstacles hit they decide to give up. Persistence is what brings forth success. Consistency follows right along with persistence and they will both always be your best friends to achieve something. When you are trying to grow and elevate to a certain place, you will be faced with challenges. If success was easy than everyone would be able to do it. Do not lose sight of the mission that you are on. 

When you are faced with challenges here are some things you can do to stay persistent;

1) Pray

2) Write out your current emotions and feelings

3) Talk to a friend for words of encouragement

4) Remember your WHY as it will help you to keep going

5) Revisit your goals that you have set for yourself

6) Be patient and kind to yourself

7) Remember that what you are going through is temporary


With these tools in mind it will help you to stay persistent and not give up when you are hit with obstacles. Some of the best lessons come from challenges that you face. Getting to a certain place is not always an easy path. Just when you feel like giving up remember your WHY to keep going. 


Consistency is just as important as persistence. Be consistent in showing up for yourself no matter what each day. No one will be consistent for you and it is your job to. A few blog posts back I talk about the importance of consistency so be sure to check it out if you have not!


Janay XOXO

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