Replace Your Negative Thinking!

When you learn to change your way of thinking life will feel so much better. I used to be in a space where every time something bad happened to me I would always say "Why is this happening to me?" and "What did I do to deserve this?" The more I asked these questions in bad situations the more I would cause myself to have a negative outlook on things. As we all know, things that happen to us are either a blessing or a lesson. When storms, trials, and tribulations hit, its all for our greater good. We all wish life could be simple without any problems right??? Bad experiences sometimes lead us to a better destinations in life but it all starts with a great amount of faith. When you encounter another bad experience think about the positive side and ask yourself the simple question "What is this teaching me?". When you ask yourself this question you will focus less on frustration and the negative side to the situation that you are experiencing. Once you change your mindset you will feel so much better. Always try to see the good in all that you go through. Every time something happens to me my first question to ask "What is this teaching me?". It helps to put me in a calm state and focus on the positive. Yes it can be easier said than done to do this when you are facing a tough situation, but ill assure you that it will make things better going forward. I hope whenever you experience a bad situation that you can hopefully use this as a mechanism to help your situation. 






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