Self- Love

Ladies! Self-Love is so important. Self-love cannot be defined by anyone else for you. It all starts within you and in your mind. You cannot love someone else but not love yourself. You are important and you matter! Create your own definition of self-love and write out ways you can practice it daily in your life. Self-love should be implemented into your life everyday. If you are struggling with self-love then reflect on those challenges to see why. I know that may be hard to do but avoiding the challenge will not allow you to embrace the journey to self-love. Everyone is on a different path when it comes to the journey of self-love and that is okay. Say affirmations to yourself that relates to self-love such as "I AM worthy", "I AM beautiful", "I AM amazing" and more. Even if you do not truly feel theses affirmations for yourself in your heart they will eventually manifest once you believe it. In my early 20's is when I truly started embracing the journey to self-love. I can say now being in the space that I am in that it's a beautiful feeling and journey. Do not allow self-love to be defined for you or have anyone else validate it for you. I hope that you start embracing the journey to self-love because it is so important. Give back to yourself and most importantly love on yourself!I hope you embrace the beauty of becoming, self-love, self-worth and so much more ladies!



Janay XOXO 

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