Sometimes You Are The Problem

Sometimes you have to come to reality that you are the problem. As much as you want to continuously blame others for things that happen to you it's important to realize that you could potentially be the problem. You are human and you have to realize that you will fail, make mistakes, and create bad habits. This can sometimes be challenging to realize and so you avoid doing it because it's not a great feeling. I used to have so many bad habits within myself and would continuously blame others because I felt ashamed. I had to really check myself and correct my bad habits as I knew I wanted better for myself. You also can do this very same thing! Yes it feels uncomfortable but at the same time it shows your growth and owning up to your mistakes. The best part to self growth is being able to fix things within yourself and doing self reflection. Do not hold off on the process especially if you want to improve your life. Write down bad habits that you created for yourself and then reflect on how you will fix them. Do not feel obligated to rush or feel like you need to fix your habits within a certain time frame  because it is all a learning experience in life. I hope you challenge yourself to work on your bad habits and reflect on how you will fix them. The inner work is the real work. Check in with yourself daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to stay consistent with improving yourself. In the process just know that you will fail and sometimes be tested to go back to your old habits but DO NOT allow yourself to. Give yourself time to grow, time to change, and time to be a better version of yourself.



Janay XOXO

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