Take Action To Drive Out Your Fears


   I hope that all is well. I have been thinking lately a lot about the importance of faith over fear. I remember when I used to be so fearful to try new things. Most times, we put a lot of time and effort into our excuses as to why we do not want to do something. I am thinking back to when I wanted to host my very first women's brunch. I just remember having a lot of self-doubt and excuses as to why I should not have done it. Just imagine if I didn't! I would have never knew how many doors God was going to open up to me. You really have to trust that there is so many more opportunities on the other side of fear. If you stay in that "Safe Place" of your comfort zone, then you will miss out on so much.

You can take steps towards overcoming your fears by taking action. Once you take action, you will begin to feel unstoppable in so many ways. Speaking from personal experience, ever since I grew past my comfort zone I feel fearless. That is not to say that something won't come into my life later to make me fearful. Whenever I have an idea in mind, I just go for it. The worse that could happen is that it does not work out the way that I hoped for it to. You never know how something will work out until you try it. 

More importantly, you do not want to look back on life with any regrets. Do all that you want to now because you are not getting any younger queen! I always try to encourage people to overcome their fears by taking action. When you take action, you are driving out the fears that you have. This will get you closer to your goals that you have set for yourself. Do not waste time making excuses anymore because you have done that enough. Put focus to driving out your fears with action.

People ask me all the time how did I get started with doing certain things and my simple response is always "I just went for it". That's all it really is to it for you to overcomes your fears. 

Do you want to know what one of my worse fears used to be? PUBLIC SPEAKING! lol. You are probably wondering how because I post videos occasionally on my page. Honestly, I started with recording myself in my living room before actually posting videos on social media. It allowed me to get comfortable with being in front of a camera and getting comfortable with my audience. I really do enjoy it because I feel like it helps my audience to connect with me in a more personal way. Most people are camera shy because they have never really sat in front of a camera to record themselves. However, videos are a really great way to connect with your audience aside from posting pictures. 

Fear will become a prison in your mind if you allow it to. Do not let it because there is a great calling on your life that requires you to come out of your comfort zone. If you need more help do check out this amazing book right now that I am currently reading by Sarah Jakes Roberts "Don't Settle for Safe". It has been a really good read so far and will really help you to overcome your fears. 


I hope this blog post was helpful for you and food for thought! Please leave feedback if you can in the comment section.


Janay XOXO

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