The Woman Behind The Scenes


Who is the woman behind the scenes? I am sure for most people who do not know me well or at all are curious. I am your normal philly girl that is just trying to follow my dreams and goals. Aside from having my own clothing line, I also have my own cleaning business, work full-time, attend grad school, and I am also a full-time caregiver. After reading this I am sure your probably saying "Girl how do you manage it all?" To answer that question I say TIME MANAGEMENT which will always be your best friend when you are trying to balance out alot. In the midst of balancing all of these things I do make sure I implement self care so that I do not overwhelm or over extend myself. I want so much out of life and I want to be able to leave a legacy behind for others. I struggled for a while with figuring out things that I am most passionate about and it was through the power of prayer that God revealed to me so much. Fear removed from me quickly when God revealed to me my passions. My faith is bigger than it has ever been and I am so grateful. I recently just did a womens brunch back in July with a group of women and it was phenominal. It turned out to be more than what I expected in a positive way and I received so much feedback. I am even more excited to host my next womens Brunch November 10, 2019 and I hope if you are reading this that you are able to attend! Before hosting my first women's brunch there was a lot of planning that went into it. I share this with you because I want you to know that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. My ultimate goal someday is to have the opportunity to speak to other women internationally and I will not stop until I get there. When you are serious about accomplishing stuff in life you will stay consistent no matter what gets in your way. Always show up for yourself each and everyday no matter what. I hope you become inspired by something each day that gets you closer to your goals! Follow my blog page on Instagram @jdinpso_





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