Three Months Left In This Year

Ladies! Can you believe we are at the stretch of 2020?! I honestly feel like time has gone by so quickly. Although we have been in a pandemic, we have survived through it! We literally have three months left until we go into a new year! Do you know that's a lot of time to make some amazing stuff happen for yourself? Please do not put that notion in your head, "I'm just going to wait until next year to start" because sis you still have time! Three months is a lot of time to waste if you hold off until next year to do something. You do not need a new year or January 1st to come around to get yourself started. Please make no more excuses for yourself at this point because they will not allow you to get to where you truly want to be. 


When I started my journey to everything that I am doing now, it was last year towards the end of March. I didn't need to wait for a new year to come around to get started. You have to believe the perfect time is NOW to start the very things that you want to do. I want to see you do well and I also want to see you win more than anything. 


I get that fear may possibly be your best friend right now and that is why you may be holding off on doing things. Honestly, great things never came from comfort zones. I know this because I was one who once was stuck in my comfort zone. My comfort zone allowed me to stay small-minded and play it safe. Once I moved past my comfort zone, I felt unstoppable. The same can happen for you. There are some amazing things waiting for you on the other side of fear if you believe it.


Here are some ways that you can execute these next three months:

1)  Meditate

2) Look at your goals everyday

3)Take some risks

4) Do not give up

5) Keep going when it gets tough

6) Remember your WHY

7) Hold yourself accountable each day

8) Show up for yourself everyday 

9) Keep track of your progress

10) Celebrate your small wins

If you follow these steps then you will execute these next few months successfully. 


It's time to get clear and intentional about how you want to use your time. Do not waste any more time on the things that do not serve your purpose anymore. I hope you will push past your comfort zone and start showing up for yourself more!


Also, it is okay to ask someone to hold you accountable throughout the process. Every now and then we all need someone in our corner pushing us to our greatest potential. You can reach out to me as well by all means!


I hope today is the last day that you make excuses for yourself and start going after your dreams. Life is simply what you make it. Go out into this world to be amazing on PURPOSE!


Janay XOXO

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