What's Meant For You Will Be Revealed To You...


What's meant for you is for YOU! Repeat this to yourself, "Whats meant for me is for me!". Repeat that to yourself until it becomes a reality. When something is truly meant for you nothing or anyone can take it from you. You will have critics and people who will judge you but at the end of the day it is none of your business what they think. God will reveal to you in so many ways of what is truly meant for you however, you must be ready to receive it! Pray for God to reveal things that are meant to be in your life and he will show you. When something is meant for you your instincts will tell you. When something is meant for you there is no second guessing or uncertainty. Things that are meant to be in your life take time to be revealed to you so be patient and calm through the process. Sometimes we want to rush things to happen on our watches when in reality God wants us to be patient. Trust his timing more than you trust your own. When something is meant for you embrace it! Do not shy away or fear from the very things that are meant for you. Things that are meant for us will sometimes be the very least things that we expected. When God revealed to me to start a clothing line I did not know where to start but he gave me the guidance I needed in order to do so and here I am! Starting a clothing line was not one of my goals for this year but God showed me different and I am grateful for it because I have so much in store that I want to do. That's why I say sometimes the things we least expect are actually meant for us. When I started my blog page on Instagram my focus was to target women but God wanted me to use my voice is a bigger way by starting a women's brunch. There was self doubt of course as I thought I was not capable, needed to become more well known , etc. God stopped me in my negative self talks to remind me I have what it takes and I needed to overcome my fears and I did just that. Just as I have the ability to do these things so do you! Yes the person reading this I am talking to you. What's meant for you is for you!



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