When life gives you LEMONS, give it lemonade!

Yes that's right! When life gives you lemons, give it lemonade! Sometimes you are hit with unexpected things in life and it will be the least of your control. What you have control over is the way you respond to certain situations. You have to learn to make the best of your situations without being quick to throw in the towel. Do not give up so quickly when life hits you. This may sound cliche but sometimes the unexpected challenges we are hit with helps to become our testimony!


Take it from someone like me who has gone through many life problems in ways you probably could not imagine. I had to learn how to really turn my pain into my power so that I could live FREELY. I used to hold onto my circumstances for so long and carried a heavy load of anger and bitterness before I got to where I am today. Just think of the negative weight that you carry as a bag on your shoulder. Eventually, that bag will weigh you down and you won't want to carry it anymore. Trust me when I tell you! Let go of the weight that is carrying you down sis! Don't you want to start walking in your purpose?!


REMEMBER; the next time unexpected situations happen, instead of saying "Why is this happening to me?", ask yourself "What is this teaching me?" because that will help you to understand the situation much better. You will find yourself less frustrated and upset. This has worked for me plenty of times, changing a negative experience to a more positive one.



No, I am not saying that you can prepare for everything that comes your way, but having some steps in place are helpful. Even having different coping mechanisms to help you get through challenging times is useful. More importantly, have an outlet! I cannot stress this enough. Whenever I go through challenging times, I turn to my brand as it helps me to stay calm and grounded through chaos. You have to know what your outlet is. Even have someone you can turn to for means of support when life hits you. It is not always good to hold everything in and having the right people around is important. 

Your life is meaningful love. You were given this life because you are strong to live it! Speak life and affirmations into yourself when challenges arise as well. 

I hope this helps you!


Take care and see you on my blog page!


Janay XOXO

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  • Yes! Life has a way of throwing you all kinds of curveballs but it’s all in your perspective. Lovely post!


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