You Are Not Stuck Unless You Choose To Be

  You are not stuck unless you choose to be. Everyday you are in complete control to make the decisions over your life. Your only limit is your mind that will have you to think you are stuck when in reality you are not. Keep pushing for what your heart truly desires. There were many points in my life where I felt like I was "Stuck" but it was not until I changed my mindset that I no longer submitted myself to that thinking. Most times when we encounter bad experiences, we then believe that we are stuck and this is not the case. You are only stuck when you choose to stay where you are and decide to not make any changes to your current situation. Make the choice right now for yourself today to remove the idea of being "Stuck" because you are not it is just your imagination. Start making the changes in your life that you wish to see because no one else is going to do that for you. Hold strong and firm to what you believe is truly yours and is meant for you. Most importantly, do not allow small minds to tell you that you are stuck anywhere because you are not. Repeat this to yourself: "I am not stuck because I am in control of my life and the decisions that I want to make". I hope that if you are feeling stuck today that this will change your way of thinking and will also cause you to go after what you truly want out of life. 




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